Independent label: Barry Blue (born Barry Ian Green, 4 December 1950, London) is an English singer, producer and songwriter. He is best known for his hit songs, "Dancin' (on a Saturday Night)" and "Do You Wanna Dance" (both 1973). Distributed By Pinnacle Records.

88 Cry Sisco Afro Dizzi Act ESCAPE AWOL 1
88 Bush Babies Love Sick ESCAPE AWOL 2
88 Jon Andrew Inspiration ESCAPE AWOL 3
88 Blue Barry Dancing On A Saturday Night ESCAPE AWOL 4
89 Cry Sisco Magic Tonight ESCAPE AWOL 5
90 Cry Sisco Featuring 3 Amigoz Hipstatic ESCAPE AWOL 6
91 Lovelyville Love Energy ESCAPE AWOL 7

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