Independent label:  Eskimo Vinyl Label Was Run By Martin and Pete Millward. Henry’s Final Dream were a 1980s London post-punk band who played the college circuit and recorded two EP’s with the Eskimo Vinyl label. The band members met in the late 1970s as students at the Polytechnic of Central London. Peter Millward wrote their original material, and was guitarist, vocalist and all-round front-man. Martin Pavey played bass guitar, Tiffer Breakey, drums, and Gary Bryson tenor sax, harmonica and occasional vocals. Distributed By

80 Henry'S Final Dream In The Market Place ESKIMO VINYL ESK 1
80 Not Traced ESKIMO VINYL ESK 2
80 Henry'S Final Dream I Could Jump ESKIMO VINYL ESK 3
81 Jangletties Happy All The Time ESKIMO VINYL ESK 4

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