DIY label:  Classix Nouveaux were an English 1980s new wave band. They had number one hits in Poland, Portugal, the former Yugoslavia, Israel, Iceland, and other countries. In the UK they had various Top 50 successes, but only one Top 20 hit with "Is It A Dream", which peaked at No 11 on the UK Singles Chart in April 1982. In 1980, the band recorded a four track session for Capital Radio and one track, "Robots Dance", was played regularly by DJ Nicky Horne. This got the interest of A&R at United Artists, but as negotiations dragged on Classix decided to release the track as their debut single on their own ESP label. "Robot's Dance" was released on 29 August and, when negotiations with UA were finalised, by EMI. Manufactured And Distributed By EMI Records.

80 Classix Nouveaux The Robots Dance ESP ES 1

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