Independent label: Exhibit One Records was setup by Paul Nova. He recorded and produced his debut single 'Julie - Ann/Video Age' almost single handed after the break up of Bizarre Unit. Julie - Ann the fans favourite was the obvious choice. Lack of money forced Paul to use 'Video Age' for the 'B' side, a track recorded with Mark Fane and Christine Francis, which was originally included on a 1980 Bizarre Unit demo tape.He released his second single in 1983 'Famous Boys / Home Sweet Home'; through his own record label 'Exhibit One Records'. Famous Boys depicted a change in musical direction, with pulsing notes and dance club tempo; quite a difference from 'Julie --Ann'. Paul worked again with Gary Haynes on Saxophone, and added real drums by Paul Shaw to complete the sound. The story is tongue- in- cheek and aimed at prima donnas who expect fame and fortune without having any real talent to offer; but also recognising the dreams of many to be Famous. Paul Nova released his third single ' Fantasy and Feeling' again on his own record label 'Exhibit One Records' (Exhibit Music) in 1984. Packaged as a 4 track EP 'Fantasy' has proven to be his most commercial offering to date and a firm favourite with his fans. The 12" record is probably the hardest to obtain of all his releases with its unique textured sleeve and striking label design. Paul Nova was a New Wave group from the UK. Their line-up consisted of: Paul Nova - Lead vocals, rhythm guitar, synthesizers, piano, computer programing. Neil Chapman - Lead guitar, Backing vocals  Andrew Moody - Bass guitar, Backing vocals  Gary Haynes - Saxophone. Distributed By 

82 Paul Nova Julie-Ann EXHIBIT ONE  EX  001 
83 Paul Nova Famous Boys EXHIBIT ONE  EX  002