Independent label:  F-Beat Records was one of the record labels set up by Jake Riviera in late 1979/early 1980, at the same time as he started Demon Records. The label's first release, I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down by Elvis Costello & the Attractions, reached number 4 in the UK charts, the highest singles chart position the label attained. Costello notched up another fifteen hits for F-Beat before leaving for Warner Bros. Records. F-Beat's roster also included Nick Lowe, Carlene Carter, The Blasters, Blanket of Secrecy and Clive Langer and the Boxes. The original F-Beat label was closed down in 1986, but it was briefly reactivated in the early 1990s with a new roster including Blab Happy, Nicola Hitchcock, Phil Burdett and The Gutter Brothers. Manufactured By Demon Records And Distributed By WEA Records Ltd and RCA Records.

80 Costello Elvis I Cant Stand Up For Falling Down F BEAT  XX 1
80 Langer Clive Splash F BEAT  XX 2
80 Costello Elvis Hi Fidelity F BEAT  XX 3
80 Langer Clive It'S All Over Now F BEAT  XX 4
80 Costello Elvis New Amsterdam [ Ep ] F BEAT  XX 5
80 Carter Carlene Ring Of Fire F BEAT  XX 6
80 Attractions Single Girl F BEAT  XX 7
80 Carter Carlene Baby Ride Easy F BEAT  XX 8
80 Rockpile Wrong Way F BEAT  XX 9
80 Attractions Arms Race F BEAT  XX 10
80 Rockpile Teacher Teacher F BEAT  XX 11
80 Costello Elvis Clubland F BEAT  XX 12
80 Not Issued F BEAT  XX 13
81 Costello Elvis From A Whisper F BEAT  XX 14
81 Not Traced F BEAT  XX 15
81 Carter Carlene Do Me Lover F BEAT  XX 16
81 Costello Elvis A Good Year For The Roses F BEAT  XX 17
81 Carter Carlene Oh How Happy F BEAT  XX 18
81 Costello Elvis Sweet Dreams F BEAT  XX 19
82 Lowe Nick Burning F BEAT  XX 20
82 Costello Elvis Im Your Toy F BEAT  XX 21
82 Not Traced F BEAT  XX 22
82 Lowe Nick My Heart Hurts F BEAT  XX 23
82 Blanket Of Secrecy Say You Will F BEAT  XX 24
82 Not Traced F BEAT  XX 25
82 Costello Elvis You Little Fool F BEAT  XX 26
82 Blasters So Long Baby Goodbye F BEAT  XX 27
82 Costello Elvis Man Out Of Time F BEAT  XX 28
82 Blanket Of Secrecy Love Me To F BEAT  XX 29
82 Costello Elvis From Head To Toe F BEAT  XX 30
83 Lowe Nick Ragin' Eyes F BEAT  XX 31
83 Costello Elvis Everyday I Write A Book F BEAT  XX 32
83 Costello Elvis Let Them All Talk F BEAT  XX 33
84 Lowe Nick Half A Boy Half A Man F BEAT  XX 34
84 Costello Elvis I Wanna Be Loved F BEAT  XX 35
84 Lowe Nick L.A.F.S F BEAT  XX 36
84 Costello Elvis The Only Flame In Town F BEAT  XX 37
84 Not Traced F BEAT  XX 38
84 Not Traced F BEAT  XX 39
91 Blab Happy  Never No More  F BEAT  XX 40

80 Steve Nieve  Outline Of A Hairdo F BEAT COMB 1

80 Nick Lowe And Dave Edmunds Sing The Everly Brothers F BEAT BEV 1
85 Costello Elvis Green Shirt F BEAT ZB 40085
85 Costello Elvis Green Shirt (Double Pack) F BEAT ZB 40087
85 Lowe Nick I Knew The Bride (When She Used To Rock And Roll) F BEAT ZB 40303
86 Costello Elvis Dont Let Me Be Misunderstood F BEAT  ZB 40555
84 Lowe Nick Half A Boy And Half A Man  F BEAT  ZB 68171
84 Costello Elvis I Wanna Be Loved  F BEAT  ZB 68187
84 Costello Elvis The Only Flame In Town  F BEAT  ZB 68199
84 Lowe Nick Breakaway  F BEAT  ZB 68210