Independent label:  Paranoid Visions are an infamous punk band from Dublin, Ireland who formed in 1982. They broke up in 1992, had reunion shows and eventually decided to reunite. The band ran their own label, F.O.A.D. (Fuck Off And Die), during the 80s and 90s. The label was based in Dublin and run by guitarist, P.A. Distributed By Revolver Records.

86 Paranoid Visions The Robot Is Running Amok F.O.A.D FOAD 1
87 Paranoid Visions  Schizophrenia (Lp) F.O.A.D FOAD 2
87 Not Traced F.O.A.D FOAD 3
87 Search And Destroy Out Of The Skull  F.O.A.D FOAD 4
88 Not Traced Autonomy F.O.A.D FOAD 5
88 Paranoid Visions / reaganstein Paranoid Visions/reaganstein Ep F.O.A.D FOAD 6
88 Baby Snakes  Sweet Hunger Mini Lp F.O.A.D FOAD 7
89 Paranoid Visions  Halo Of Phlegm Lp F.O.A.D FOAD 8
90 Paranoid Visions Immature Recollections F.O.A.D FOAD 9