Independent label:  Late 80's/early 90's UK-based Hi-NRG label on a commercial tip (mostly featuring output from Stock, Aitken & Waterman). Co-run by hit man Simon Cowell and Iain Burton. The labels' x-factor was supplied by pop sensation Sinitta, who happened to be Cowell's partner at the time. In 1989, Fanfare's parent company folded, driving Cowell's business into bankruptcy. Parent Label: PRT Records Manufactured And Distributed By PRT Records.

84 Hot Gossip Break Me Into Little Pieces FANFAIR HG 1
85 Rondo Veneziano  Venice In Peril (Album) FANFAIR RONS 1
85 Rondo Veneziano  The Genius Of Venice (Album) FANFAIR RONS 2
85 Rondo Veneziano  FANFAIR RONS 3
85 Rondo Veneziano Not Quite Jerusalem FANFAIR RONS 4
85 Rondo Veneziano Odissea  FANFAIR RONS 5
84 Hot Gossip Don'T Beat Around FANFAIR FAN 1
85 Sinitta Cruising FANFAIR FAN 2
85 Rawe Jackie I Believe In Dreams FANFAIR FAN 3
85 Five-O-One Let The Night FANFAIR FAN 4
85 Sinitta So Macho FANFAIR FAN 5
85 Not Traced FANFAIR FAN 6
86 Sinitta So Macho FANFAIR FAN 7
86 Sinitta Feels Like The First Time FANFAIR FAN 8
86 Dobson Anita On My Own FANFAIR FAN 9
87 Vera Billy At This Moment FANFAIR FAN 10
87 Gloria Gaynor Be Soft With Me Tonight  FANFAIR FAN 11
87 Sinitta Toy Boy FANFAIR FAN 12
87 Not Traced FANFAIR FAN 13
87 Sinitta G.T.O. FANFAIR FAN 14
88 Sinitta Cross My Broken Heart FANFAIR FAN 15
88 Sinitta I Don'T Believe In Miracles FANFAIR FAN 16
88 Dana And Gerry Brown Harmony FANFAIR FAN 17
89 Sinitta Right Back Where We Started From FANFAIR FAN 18
89 Not Traced FANFAIR FAN 19
89 Tight N Up Up Town Top Ranking FANFAIR FAN 20
89 Sinitta Love On A Mountain Top FANFAIR FAN 21
89 Yell Instent Replay FANFAIR FAN 22
89 Sinitta Lay Me Down FANFAIR FAN 23
90 Sinitta Hitchin' A Ride FANFAIR FAN 24
90 Yell Ritmo De La Noche FANFAIR FAN 25
90 Yell One Things Leads To Another FANFAIR FAN 26
90 Not Traced FANFAIR FAN 27
90 Kelly Marie Feels Like I'M In Love (90'S Pwl Remix) FANFAIR FAN 28
90 Joanne  Jump To The Beat FANFAIR FAN 29
90 Yell Let'S Go Round Again FANFAIR FAN 30
90 Sinitta Love And Affection FANFAIR FAN 31