Independent Diy label:  The Far Out Recording Company was founded by the Wonder Stuff as a vehicle for their own releases. The Wonder Stuff were from Stourbridge, West Midlands. The original line-up was Miles Hunt vocals, guitar (whose uncle Bill Hunt was keyboard player with ELO and Wizzard), Malcolm Treece guitar, vocals, Rob "The Bass Thing" Jones (He died in New York on 31 July 1993, aged 29. The cause of his death was a heart attack, caused by heroin or drug related causes.) and Martin Gilks, drums (was killed in a motorcycle accident in London in April 2006 ). The first two were distributed independently. And financed by Rob Jones the bandís original bassist after a win on the Football Pools. After the band signed a deal with PolyGram in late 1987, their UK Polydor (single) releases continued to bear the Far Out Recording Company catalogue numbers. Manufactured And Distributed By Polydor Records.

86 Wonder Stuff A Wonderful Day FAR OUT GONE ONE
87 Wonder Stuff Unbearable FAR OUT GONE 2
88 Wonder Stuff Give, Give, Give Me More, More, More FAR OUT GONE 3
88 Wonder Stuff A Wish Away  POLYDOR GONE 4
88 Wonder Stuff It's Yer Money I'm After Baby FAR OUT GONE 5
89 Wonder Stuff Who Wants To Be The Disco King FAR OUT GONE 6
89 Wonder Stuff Don't Let Me Down, Gently FAR OUT GONE 7
89 Wonder Stuff Golden Green FAR OUT GONE 8
89 Wonder Stuff Radio Ass Kiss" (November 1989) (US Radio release only) FAR OUT GONE 9
90 Wonder Stuff Circlesquare FAR OUT GONE 10
91 Wonder Stuff Size Of A Cow FAR OUT GONE 11
91 Wonder Stuff Caught In My Shadow FAR OUT GONE 12
91 Wonder Stuff Sleep Alone  FAR OUT GONE 13
92 Wonder Stuff Welcome To The Cheap Seats  FAR OUT GONE 14
93 Wonder Stuff On The Ropes E.P. FAR OUT GONE 15
93 Wonder Stuff Full Of Life (Happy Now) E.P. FAR OUT GONE 16
94 Wonder Stuff Hot Love Now! E.P. FAR OUT GONE 17
94 Wonder Stuff Unbearable FAR OUT GONE 18