Independent Diy label:  Fight Back Was A Sub-Label Of Mortarhate Records, Active From 1984-1987. There were only nine releases on Fight Back, catalogued FIGHT 1 - FIGHT 9. Mortarhate Records and their distributor, Jungle Records, both list the Fight Back releases with Mortarhate (MORT) catalogue numbers in their discographies, but the MORT catalogue numbers are for internal use only. No Fight Back Records release was released with a MORT catalogue number. A Quote from Jungle Records: Mortarhate catalogue numbers are sometimes given for internal purposes to other projects such as the Fight Back label, publications, and overseas releases. Parent Label:Mortarhate Records. Manufactured And Distributed By Mortarhate Records.

84 Vex Sanctuary (12") FIGHT BACK FIGHT 1
84 Legion Of Parasites Undesirable Guests [ Ep ] (12") FIGHT BACK FIGHT 2
84 Reality Who Killed The Golden Goose? FIGHT BACK FIGHT 3
84 Exit-Stance Crimes Against Humanity FIGHT BACK FIGHT 4
84 Various Artists We DonīT Want (Album) FIGHT BACK LP FIGHT 5
84 Lost Cherries All Part Of Growing Up (Album) FIGHT BACK LP FIGHT 6
88 Various Artists We DonīT Want (Album) FIGHT BACK LP FIGHT 7
88 Arch Criminals Hang (12") FIGHT BACK FIGHT 8
88 Apostles Death Of Wacky Pop FIGHT BACK FIGHT 9