Diy label:  Basking Sharks were a synthesiser band that formed in 1980. Members Adrian Todd, Ged McPhail and Martyn Eames toured extensively throughout the UK. They used a variety of home-made electronic instruments supplemented by second hand synths that had been customised to provide unique sounds. On stage they always played “live” without the use of backing tracks. Their stage act included a slide show, films and computer visuals synced in to the stage performance. Their music merged power pop with European influences and experimentation. In 1987 they separated to pursue different projects. Adrian and Martyn formed  the industrial technical band Degree 33. Ged moved to Newcastle joining Madam X.  Today Adrian and Martyn are working on a new project encompassing old and new technology with a view to live performance and internet release. Ged is developing a recording studio in South Korea. Basking Sharks are still a performing unit but play rarely. Manufactured And Distributed By Pinnacle Records.

83 Basking Sharks Diamond Age FIN FIN 1