Independent label:  Parent Label: Rock-O-Rama Records FIRST FLOOR sub-label operating from 1983 to 1988 which released pop/new-wave albums and later moved into the darkwave/goth genre. The label was started to release albums from the band They Must Be Russians, but at least three other bands had releases on this label. The numbering for this label goes up to 8, but I have seen no evidence that release number six exists. One possibility I've heard mentioned is a They Must Be Russians 7-inch. Another theory is it could have been a planned earlier release of the Release the Bats LP that never made it to press, since the sleeve has an earlier date and a slightly different song listing than is shown on the center labels. Manufactured And Distributed By.

83 They Must Be Russians Chains (12") FIRST FLOOR FF 1
83 They Must Be Russians Hey Must Be Russians (Album) FIRST FLOOR FF 2
84 Saigon   Gothic Bop   FIRST FLOOR FF 3
84 Saigon   Reunion (Album) FIRST FLOOR FF 4
84 Saigon Gothic Bop (Ep) FIRST FLOOR FF 5
85 Not Traced FIRST FLOOR FF 6
86 Release The Bats Ever Pleasant Smile (Album) FIRST FLOOR FF 7
86 Above The Ruins Songs Of The Wolf (Album) FIRST FLOOR FF 8