Independent label: Flair Records based in West Yorkshire was formed by Black Lace's manager John Wagstaff. Black Lace is a British Euro pop band, best known for novelty party records, including their biggest hit, "Agadoo". The band first came to the public eye after being selected to represent the UK in the 1979 Eurovision Song Contest, in which they finished seventh with the song "Mary Ann". With numerous line-up changes, Black Lace went on to have success with lightweight party anthems such as "Superman" and "Do The Conga". Distributed By Priority Records and Total Records.

80 Young Love Do It The English Way FLAIR  FLA 101
81 Buzby Birds Dance FLAIR  FLA 102
82 Soolaimon Ramaya FLAIR  FLA 103
83 Not Traced FLAIR  FLA 104
83 Black Lace Superman FLAIR  FLA 105
83 Black Lace Hey You FLAIR  FLA 106
84 Black Lace Agadoo FLAIR  FLA 107
84 Black Lace Do The Conga FLAIR  FLA 108
87 House Boyz Christmas In The House FLAIR  FLA 109
89 Whale James Bimbo FLAIR  FLA 110
89 Not Traced FLAIR  FLA 111
89 Not Traced FLAIR  FLA 112
89 Not Traced FLAIR  FLA 113
89 Not Traced FLAIR  FLA 114
89 Not Traced FLAIR  FLA 115
89 Not Traced FLAIR  FLA 116
89 Not Traced FLAIR  FLA 117
89 Not Traced FLAIR  FLA 118
89 Not Traced FLAIR  FLA 119
91 Dene Michael We Will Be There FLAIR  FLA 120
85 Black Lace El Vino Collapso FLAIR  LACE 1
85 Black Lace I Speaka Da Lingo FLAIR  LACE 2
85 Black Lace Hokey Cokey FLAIR  LACE 3
86 Black Lace Viva La Mexico FLAIR  LACE 4
86 Black Lace Wig Wam Bam FLAIR  LACE 5
87 Not Traced FLAIR  LACE 6
88 Black Lace Clap Clap Song FLAIR  LACE 7
88 Not Traced FLAIR  LACE 8
89 Not Traced FLAIR  LACE 9
89 Black Lace I Am The Music Man FLAIR  LACE 10
92 The Muldoon Brothers  Cigareets And Whiskey  FLAIR  FLA 501