Independent label:  Flutterby Records was a British record label existing from 1985 to 1989.Remarkably, there were only 4 records on this label. "FLUT 1" was the single "Somewhere in London/ Lanercost" by Steeleye Span. "FLUT 2" was the album "Back in Line" by Steeleye. "FLUT 3" was the single "Padstow /Reels:The First House in Connaught/ Sailor' s Bonnet" (1989) again by Steeleye, and "FLUT 4" was "Following Me/ Two Butchers" (1989) by the same folk-rockers. The label was absorbed by Dover Records. Both labels were offshoots from Chrysalis Records. Distributed By EMI via Priority Records.

85 Steeleye Span Somewhere In London FLUTTERBY FLUT 1
86 Steeleye Span Back in Line (Album) FLUTTERBY FLUT 2
89 Steeleye Span Padstow FLUTTERBY FLUT 3
89 Steeleye Span Following Me  FLUTTERBY FLUT 4