Independent label: Flying Nun Records was a New Zealand label, founded in 1981. Sold to Mushroom Records in the early 1990s. Then owned by Warner Music, after their purchase of Festival Mushroom. In 2010 Flying Nun was sold to a consortium owned by founder Roger Shepherd and Neil Finn. It had Sublabels of Flying Nun Europe, Flying Nun UK. Distributed By Cartel.

87 Bats, The Made Up In Blue (12") FLYING NUN FNUK 1
87 Sneaky Feelings Waiting For Touchdown (Album) FLYING NUN FNUK 2
87 Clean Clean Compilation (Album) FLYING NUN FNUK 3
87 Not Traced FLYING NUN FNUK 4
87 Not Traced FLYING NUN FNUK 5
87 Not Traced Schwimmen In Der See  FLYING NUN FNUK 6
87 Chills I Love My Leather Jacket (12") FLYING NUN FNUK 7
87 Tall Dwarfs Hello Cruel World  (Album) FLYING NUN FNUK 8
87 Razorcuts I Heard You The First Time FLYING NUN FNUK 9
87 Verlaines Juvenilia (Album) FLYING NUN FNUK 10
87 Chills House With 100 Rooms (12") FLYING NUN FNUK 11

87 The Chills  I'Ll Only See You Alone Again  FLYING NUN NORMAL 47  1/2