Independent label: FM is a division FM-Revolver Records Ltd. 152 Goldthorn Hill Penn Wolverhampton WV2 3JA. The label used the same cat number as the Sublabels of Black, FM, FM Dance, and Revolver Records. Revolver Music, or Revolver Records, was created by Paul Birch in 1979 as a guitar music label. Its sister labels are FM Records and Heavy Metal Records. Revolver is best known for signing the Manchester band, The Stone Roses, who released the "Sally Cinnamon" EP with Revolver under the "Black Records" imprint prior to reneging on their contract and moving to Silvertone (part of the Zomba Group). The Black Records label was a division of FM-Revolver that was initially created as an indie imprint to promote The Stone Roses, and later used for releases by Crazyhead, The Pleasureheads and The Wild Flowers amongst others. Revolver also signed artists such as UK Subs and The Vibrators, also releasing the first eponymous album by Jane's Addiction in the UK. FM Records and Revolver Records were two labels in common ownership that came together to form FM Revolver in the 1980s. The FM label presented itself as FM Records, FM Coast to Coast, FM Dance and FM Revolver. The label was distributed by BMG Ariola Munich and in the UK by BMG until 1991, from 1991 to 2000 by Sony Music Entertainment, from 2000 to 2009 by Universal Music Group and 2009 onwards by Plastic Head. The FM Label is best known for signing rock acts like Magnum which it established with the 1985 release "On a Storyteller's Night". It released several back catalogue albums belonging to the Jet Records label under license, the compilation album "Mirador" and box set "Foundation". Other FM artists included Adam Bomb, Asia, Atom Seed, Babe Ruth, Cloven Hoof, Dark Star, Jack Green, James Young, King Kobra, Lisa Dominique, The Macc Lads, Marino, Multi-story, Pet Hate, Rough Trade, Sofia Rotaru, Steve Gaines, Tobruk, Torino, Tradia, UFO, White Sister and Wrathchild. Its Jazz releases notably include Alvin Davis; other signings include Sister Sledge, Cecilia Ray and Val Grant to its FM Dance imprint. FM Records today continues under the Revolver label. Distributed By BMG Records.

84 Dianno Heartuser  FM  VHF 1
84 Pet Hate  Roll Away The Stone (12") FM 12 VHF 2
84 Wrathchild Wrathchild FM VHF 3
84 Magnum Just Like An Arrow  FM  VHF 4
85 Runestaff Road To Ruin FM  VHF 5
85 Starz So Youn So Bad FM VHF 6
85 Rejects Back To The Start FM VHF 7
85 Pet Hate  Girls Grow Up Too Fast FOBIK VHF 8
85 Multi-Story Carrie FM  VHF 9
85 Magnum On A Storytellers Night FM  VHF 10
85 Babysitters I Wanna Be On Tv FM  VHF 11
85 Marionette On A Night Like This (12") FM  12 VHF 12
85 Not Traced FM  VHF 13
85 Briar  One More Chance  HEAVY METAL  VHF 14
85 Dandy Jim Ready As Hell FM VHF 15
85 Reckless Hot 'N' Ready FM VHF 16
85 Runestaff Do It!  FM VHF 17
85 Multi-Story Breaking New Ground FM VHF 18
85 Rough Trade Crimes Of Passion  FM  VHF 19
85 Sylum I'M Impressed FM VHF 20
85 Ausgang Here It Comes (12") FM 12 VHF 21
85 Smashed Gladys 17 Goin' On Crazy FM  VHF 22
85 Not Traced FM  VHF 23
85 Not Traced FM  VHF 24
85 Sabu Angeline FM VHF 25
86 Tandy Morgan Band Action  FM/COAST TO COAST VHF 26
86 Andi Sex Gang The Naked & The Dead FM VHF 27
86 Not Traced FM  VHF 28
86 Bruce Cockburn Call It Democracy FM VHF 29
86 Not Traced   FM VHF 30
86 Eruption Where Do I Begin (12") FM  12 VHF 31
86 White Sister Ticket To Ride  FM  VHF 32
86 Dansworks Say What You Mean What You Say FM  VHF 33
86 Not Traced FM  VHF 34
87 Tyger Kahn If Venus Had Arms (12") FM DANCE VHF 35
87 Stone Roses Sally Cinnamon BLACK REV 36
87 Not Traced FM  VHF 37
87 Remote Feels So Good FM DANCE VHF 38
87 Dj Munch Party Rock (12") FM  VHF 39
87 Dream Desires (12") BLACK REV 40
87 Miles Carol Fashion Junky (12") FM DANCE VHF 41
87 Macc Lads Barrel'S Round FM  VHF 42
87 Shy Just Love Me (12") FM 12 VHF 43
88 Macc Lads Pie Taster  FM  VHF 44
88 Vibrators String Him Along REVOLVER REV 45
88 Bitches Blue Leather Love (12") FM 12 VHF 46
88 Lisa Dominique Jealous Heart  FM  VHF 47
88 Dream Do The Trip REVOLVER REV 48
89 Bruce Cockburn  If A Tree Falls  FM-REVOLVER VHF 49
88 Wrathchild  Nukklear Rokket FM-REVOLVER VHF 50
89 Lisa Dominique  All Fall Down (12")  FM-REVOLVER 12 VHF 51
90 Vibrators Halfway To Paradise REVOLVER REV 52
90 Cockburn Bruce Shipwrecked REVOLVER REV 53
90 Bomb Adam Pure Sex (12") FM 12 VHF 54
90 9 Five Nasty Delirious (12") FM  12 VHF 55
90 Broken Bones Religion Is Responsible (12") HEAVY METAL  HM 56
90 Not Traced FM  VHF 57
90 Not Traced FM  VHF 58
90 Bass Dance Lying In The Arms Of Mary REVOLVER VHF 59
90 Pleasure Heads Barfly (12") BLACK 12 VHF 60
90 Not Traced FM  VHF 61
90 Not Traced FM  VHF 62
90 Not Traced FM  VHF 63
90 Crazyhead Everything'S Alright  BLACK VHF 64
90 Korgis Everybody'S Gotta Love  REVOLVER VHF 65
90 Slammer Insanity Addicts (12")  HEAVY METAL  HM 66