Independent label: Forbidden Fruit was a Sub-label of London Records, responsible for many of the 'Bronski Beat' releases. Bronski Beat was a popular British synthpop trio who achieved success in the mid-1980s, particularly with the 1984 chart hit "Smalltown Boy". All members of the group were openly gay and their songs reflected this, often containing political commentary on gay-related issues. At the height of their popularity the band consisted of singer Jimmy Somerville backed by Steve Bronski and Larry Steinbachek, both of whom played keyboards and percussion. Somerville went on to have success as lead singer of The Communards and as a solo artist. Bronski Beat formed in 1983 when Somerville, Steinbachek and Bronski shared a three-bedroom flat at Lancaster House in Brixton. Bronski Beat signed a recording contract with London Records in 1984 after doing only nine live gigs. The band's debut single, "Smalltown Boy", of a young man discovering the joy and hardships of being gay in a small town. Distributed By London Records.


84 Bronski Beat Smalltown Boy FORBIDDEN FRUIT  BITE 1
84 Bronski Beat Why FORBIDDEN FRUIT  BITE 2
84 Bronski Beat It Ain'T Necessarily So FORBIDDEN FRUIT  BITE 3
85 Bronski Beat & Marc Almond I Feel Love  [ Medley ] FORBIDDEN FRUIT  BITE 4
85 Bronski Beat Run From Love FORBIDDEN FRUIT  BITE 5
85 Bronski Beat Hit That Perfect Beat FORBIDDEN FRUIT  BITE 6
86 Bronski Beat C'Mon C'Mon FORBIDDEN FRUIT  BITE 7
86 Bronski Beat This Heart FORBIDDEN FRUIT  BITE 8