Independent label: Foundry Records was a small record label from 1983. There is no connection with Foundry Recordings. Fiction Factory was a Scottish synthpop band Formed in 1983, Perth. Before they started their project Fiction Factory, Kevin Patterson (vocals), Eddie Jordan (keyboards), Grant Taylor (trumpet) and Chic Medley (guitar) played in The Rude Boys (later shortened to RB's, The), a skinhead ska band.
CBS asked the band to create a concert playing band, so they enlisted Graham McGregor (bass) and Mike Ogletree (drums and percussion) - a former drummer of Simple Minds. Fiction Factory disbanded in 1987. Peter Joseph Andrew Hammill was Born on Bonfire Night, 5 November 1948, in Ealing, west London, UK. Co-founder of British progressive rock band Van Der Graaf Generator. Distributed By Virgin Records

85 Fiction Factory Not The Only One FOUNDRY FOUND 1
85 Fiction Factory No Time FOUNDRY FOUND 2
86 Peter Hammill  Painting By Numbers FOUNDRY FOUND 3
87 Denise Rich  Sweet Pain Of Love FOUNDRY FOUND 4