Independent label: Frenzy Records was a sub label of CBS Records and used the same CBS/Epic cat number series. OK Jive A quintet of Ruby Jive, Lee Partis, Datsun Cherry, Bavon Wayne Wayne and ‘Chopper’, OK Jive made a brave attempt to conquer the charts in the early 80s with their brand of ‘Congo Pop’. The group was formed after the demise of the group Cha-Cha Rhythms Kings. A conscious attempt to translate Afro-pop traditions such as high-life, rumba and cha-cha for an English audience, their debut single, ‘To You’, was released on their own Frenzy Records in 1981, Witch was Manufactured and Distributed By CBS Records.

81 OK JIVE   To You  FRENZY EPC A 1472
81 OK JIVE   On Route FRENZY EPC A 1934
82 OK JIVE   Anyway FRENZY EPC A 2735
82 OK JIVE   Take It Easy FRENZY EPC A 2873