Independent label: This Full Moon label was owned by Irving Azoff.  It started life in 1974 in the USA, and to begin with was mainly a vehicle for records by Dan Fogelberg.   Initially linked to Epic Records, it moved to the Warner group in 1980 and disappeared in the early 1990s.  As far as Britain is concerned, Full Moon seems to have come on the scene rather late, in 1977.  It didn't issue many singles in the '70s and it only really got into its stride in the '80s, when it hit the Charts with three singles by Chicago and one each by Dan Fogelberg and Peter Cetera. 1970s singles shared an EPC-0000 series with those of Epic.  1980s singles shared an W-0000 series with those of WEA. Distributed By CBS and WEA Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons for the label info.

80 Joe Walsh  All Night Long  FULL MOON  K 79146
80 Johnny Lee Lookin' For Love FULL MOON  K 79153
82 Chicago Love Me Tomorrow FULL MOON  K 78338
82 Chicago Hard To Say Im Sorry  FULL MOON  K 79301
85 Chicago Along Comes A Woman FULL MOON  W 9082
85 Chicago You'Re The Inspiration FULL MOON  W 9126
84 Chicago Hard Habit To Break FULL MOON  W 9214
87 Chicago Will You Still Love Me? (Edit) FULL MOON  W 8439
86 Cetera Peter The Next Time I Fall FULL MOON  W 8597
86 Cetera Peter Glory Of Love FULL MOON  W 8662