Independent label: Future Records was a new wave/punk rock label Future Records was formed in 1983 as a sister label to No Future Records, and used as an outlet for more "mainstream" releases. Publishing branch: was Future Music. Distributed By.

83 Blitz New Age FUTURE FS 1
83 Violators Life On The Red Line FUTURE FS 2
83 Blitz Telecommunication [ Ep ] FUTURE FS 3
83 Visit All The Walls FUTURE FS 4
83 Two Trace Of Red  FUTURE FS 5
83 Blitz Solar FUTURE FS 6
83 Ice The Falling Rain Life'S Illusion FUTURE FS 7
83 Rhythm & Faith Time To Run FUTURE FS 8
84 And Also The Trees Shantell FUTURE FS 9
84 Two Waiting For Winter  FUTURE FS 10
84 Wild Flowers, The Melt Like Ice  FUTURE FS 11