Independent Reggae label: Gaz's Rockin' Records was a Ska and reggae label run by Gaz Mayall (hence the name). The eldest son of Blues legend John Mayall, Gaz was raised on a musical diet of R&B and was dragged around every beat, pop & rock festival and venues throughout the sixties as a child. First becoming a lifelong fan of reggae as a kid on the football terraces in the skin head era circa 1968-72. Gaz's Rockin' Records kicked off in October 1985 with the launch of Potato 5's debut 7" and 12" singles, leading to the labels first album release "Floyd Lloyd & Potato 5 meet Laurel Aitken" in February 1887. Gaz had been temporarily managing the group and needed to launch his own dream indie label to promote his club, sound system style modeled on the 1960's Jamaican ska labels like Prince Busters, Coxsones & Duke Reids. With the advent of his own band, The Trojans, Gaz made more singles and another album in 1987 to put his label on the ska world map and continued at a rate of about an album release or more per year. Mainly devoted to the field of ska and its hybrids, Gaz has often branched out with his productions to include world music such as the well acclaimed Baghdaddies debut CD "Last Tango in Babylon" featuring the gypsy flavour of the underground festy scene.  Distributed By Gaz's Rockin' Records.


86 Potato Five Western Special GAZ'S ROCKIN' GAZ 001
87 Aitken Laurel Mad About You GAZ'S ROCKIN' GAZ 002
87 Aitken Laurel Sahara GAZ'S ROCKIN' GAZ 003
87 Trojans Ringo GAZ'S ROCKIN' GAZ 004
87 Trojans Gaelic Ska GAZ'S ROCKIN' GAZ 005
88 Trojans Phoenix (12")  GAZ'S ROCKIN' 12 GAZ 006
88 Forest Hillbillies The Munsters GAZ'S ROCKIN' GAZ 007
88 Trojans Lumpi (12")  GAZ'S ROCKIN' 12 GAZ 008
88 Ska Flames Ska Fever GAZ'S ROCKIN' GAZ 009
89 Prince Buster Stack-0-Lee GAZ'S ROCKIN' GAZ 010
89 Trojans Everybody Loves GAZ'S ROCKIN' GAZ 011
89 Trojans Feelin' Stronger (12")  GAZ'S ROCKIN' 12 GAZ 012
89 Trojans Stop Breaking My Heart GAZ'S ROCKIN' GAZ 013
89 Trojans Brave Bells (12")  GAZ'S ROCKIN' 12 GAZ 014
89 Trojans & Mayumi Sudo  Ska-Ta Shock  (12")  GAZ'S ROCKIN' GAZ 015
91 Trojans Brother Can You Spare A Pound GAZ'S ROCKIN' 7 GAZ 016
92 Trojans Mixed Feelings (12")  GAZ'S ROCKIN' 12 GAZ 017
92 Trojans The Great British Spliff  (12")  GAZ'S ROCKIN' 12 GAZ 018
93 Trojans Can'T Kill The Spirit  GAZ'S ROCKIN' GAZ 019
93 Trojans One World  (12")  GAZ'S ROCKIN' 12 GAZ 020
93 Trojans Judge Dread V Judge Dredd  (12")  GAZ'S ROCKIN' 12 GAZ 021
96 Trojans Grim Reaper (12")  GAZ'S ROCKIN' 12 GAZ 022
2003 Dreamlets  My Boy Lollipop   GAZ'S ROCKIN' 7GAZ 023
2011 Lighta Secret Elinor All Night Long  GAZ'S ROCKIN' 7GAZ 024