Independent label: Geezer Records was fromed by Riff Raff A poppy punk band that formed in London, England in 1975. Riff Raff didn't gain much notoriety until they relocated to Peterborough during the first half of 1978. Thanks to constant gigging around the area, the group became rather popular, culminating in a support slot at a gig with the Stranglers. Comprised of guitarist/vocalist Billy Bragg, bassist Ruan O'Lochlainn (ex-Bees Make Honey), guitarist Philip Wigg, drummer Robert Handley, and keyboardist S.D.R. Gol'fish, Riff Raff debuted in June of 1978 on Chiswick with the I Wanna Be a Cosmonaut single. The follow-up single, Barking Park Lane, followed on Albion in 1979. In October of 1980, the band issued four singles on their own label (Geezer) on the same day -- New Home Town, Kitten, Every Girl, and Little Girls Know. The band splintered soon after that. Bragg spent a little time in the Army, literally bought his way out, and began doing one-man shows under the name Spy V. Spy; eventually performing and recording under his own name, Bragg spearheaded the anti-folk movement and became a prolific and influential singer/songwriter. Distributed By Geezer Records.


80 Riff Raff Every Girl  GEEZER GZ 1
80 Riff Raff Kitten GEEZER GZ 2
80 Riff Raff Little Girls Know GEEZER GZ 3
80 Riff Raff New Home Town  GEEZER GZ 4