Independent label: Mighty Mighty was Formed in 1985 in Birmingham, England. They started their own label Girlie Records, releasing two singles before signing to Chapter 22. Their jingly jangly sound ensured they were darlings of the C86 era, actually making an appearance on the iconic NME C86 compilation, with 'Law'. Nevertheless, they disbanded after the release of their one and only album release on Chapter 22, only for the lost tapes of their second album to surface in 2012, with the subsequent release The Betamax Tapes. Band members: Russell Burton - Bass and vocals, Mick Geoghegan - Guitar, Pete Geoghegan - Vox organ and guitar, D J Hennessy - Drums, Hugh McGuinness - Vocals and harmonica. Girlie Records Former Address:  34 Springfield Road, Mosely, Birmingham, B13 9NW. Distributed By Nine Mile and Cartel.

86 Mighty Mighty Everybody Knows The Monkey GIRLIE GAY 1
86 Mighty Mighty Is There Anyone Out There? (12") GIRLIE XGAY 2