Independent label: Go! Discs Former Address:, launched in 1983 by Andy MacDonald and Lesley Symons. With artists like Billy Bragg, The Housemartins and later The Beautiful South, it became a prominent label. Go! Beat Records was launched as a subsidiary for dance artists like Beats International, Gabrielle and Portishead. In 1992 Paul Weller signed for the label. In 1996 MacDonald resigned when PolyGram acquired a majority stake in the label, and the label folded not too long afterwards. However, Go! Discs' dance offshoot Go! Beat Records, continued and became a unit in the Universal Records group. Go! Discs had the dubious honour of sponsoring the Fulchester United team, club of Billy the Fish in Viz comic. Various blatant plugs for Go! artists were often spoken by characters in the strip and Fulchester's home ground carried adverts for Go! and various releases from them. In the late 80s the label employed Essex comedian Phill Jupitus as head of publicity. Go! Beat Records was launched as a subsidiary of Go! Discs Records for dance artists like David Holmes and Portishead. When Go! Discs folded, Go Beat continued as a label within the Universal Music Group. Distributed By Chrysalis Records Ltd.

83 Box  No Time To Talk (12") GO DISCS VFM 1
84 Box  Old Style Drop In GO DISCS VFM 2
84 Thousand Miles Of Sunshine Jimmy Highlife GO DISCS SHINE 1
84 Boothill Footappers Get Your Feet Out Of My Shoes GO DISCS TAP 1
85 Bragg Billy Between The War [ Ep ] GO DISCS AGOEP 1
87 La'S Way Out GO DISCS GOLAS 1
89 La'S There She Goes GO DISCS GOLAS 2
89 Not Traced GO DISCS GOLAS 3
90 La'S Timeless Melody GO DISCS GOLAS 4
90 La'S There She Goes [Re-Issue] GO DISCS GOLAS 5
91 La'S Feelin' GO DISCS GOLAS 6
88 Noah House Of Dread  Neighbours  GO DISCS NOAH 1

88 The Blue Ox Babes There's No Deceiving You GO DISCS GOBOB 1
88 The Blue Ox Babes Apples And Oranges (The International Hope Campaign)  GO DISCS GOBOB 2

88 Not Traced GO DISCS LASEP  1
88 The La's There She Goes GO DISCS LASEP  2
88 Butterfield 8         Watermelon Man  GO DISC GOBUT 1

88 Banjo Iyabinghi Noah                   Neighbours    GO DISC GOAH 1
83 The Bic          Musica Pop  GO DISC POP 1