Independent label: Formed by the Beat in 1980, the Go Feet label ended up releasing nineteen 7-inch singles, eleven 12-inch singles, and six LPs in its three year lifespan. These releases have significantly impacted the worlds of ska, reggae, and pop music.  The label did not have the same level of fame as the 2 Tone Records label, but was an important sister label to the 2 Tone genre. The Beat's first release was on 2 Tone Records, but when Madness struck a deal with Stiff Records, The Beat left to form their own label.  Distributed By RCA and Arista Records.

80 Beat Hands Off-She'S Mine GO FEET FEET 1
80 Beat Mirror In The Bathroom GO FEET FEET 2
80 Beat Best Friend GO FEET FEET 3
80 Beat Too Nice To Talk To GO FEET FEET 4
80 Congo Fisherman GO FEET FEET 5
81 Beat Drowing GO FEET FEET 6
81 Mood Elevators Annapurna GO FEET FEET 7
81 Not Released GO FEET FEET 8
81 Beat Doors Of Your Heart GO FEET FEET 9
81 Myton Cedric & Congo Can'Y Take It Away GO FEET FEET 10
81 Beat Hit It GO FEET FEET 11
81 Not Released GO FEET FEET 12
82 Beat Save It For Later GO FEET FEET 333
82 Pato & Roger Ago Talk GO FEET FEET 14
82 Beat Jeanette GO FEET FEET 15
82 Beat I Confess GO FEET FEET 16
83 Beat Cant Get Used To Losing You GO FEET FEET 17
83 Beat Ackee 1-2-3 GO FEET FEET 18
83 Beat Mirror In The Bathroom GO FEET FEET 19