Independent label: The Golden Pathway label tends to write its catalogue numbers in the format 'GPVxx' (Golden Pathway Volume xx) so releases would tend to be seen in discographies as 'GPV11. Golden Pathway Records Former Address: 2 Wast Park, Castle Cary, Somerset, BA7 7DB. Distributed By Cartel.

86 Psychodaisies Send No Flowers (Album) GOLDEN PATHWAY GOV 001
86 Various Artists  Little White Book  (Album) GOLDEN PATHWAY GPV 002
86 Psyco Jelly & The Giggling Clocks  Through Glory & Ectasy We Pass  (Album) GOLDEN PATHWAY GPV 003
86 Number Four Joy Street Watch The World GOLDEN PATHWAY GPV 004
86 Chesterfields + Shop Assistants  Chesterfields + Shop Assistants (Flexi) GOLDEN PATHWAY GPV 005
86 Various Artists  Sheaves Of Gold (Album) GOLDEN PATHWAY GPV 006
85 Psychodaisies Psychojelly(Album) GOLDEN PATHWAY GPV 007
86 Wednesday Page Wednesday Page Ep  GOLDEN PATHWAY GPV 008
86 Pop Parker Just Ask Nick Ayling GOLDEN PATHWAY GPV 009
87 Number Four Joy Street Stephanie GOLDEN PATHWAY GPV 010
87 Preacher Harry Powell - Ep  Devil In A Priest Hole  GOLDEN PATHWAY GPV 011
87 Preacher Harry Powell Devil In The Prest GOLDEN PATHWAY POS 001