Independent label: GWR Records was a record label active in the UK from 1986 through to 1991. By 1984, Gerry Bron's Bronze Records were in financial difficulty.Motörhead managers Douglas Smith and Dave Simmons bought the band out of their contract and Bron subsequently sold the Bronze Records rights onto Legacy Records owner Ray Richards. Richards then contacted Smith with a proposal for a joint venture to release new product by Motörhead, leading to the formation of GWR Records (named after Smith's business address of 15 Great Western Road). In addition to Motörhead, the label mainly released product by acts associated with Smith, such as Girlschool, Fastway, Hawkwind, Tank, Atomgods and Anti-Nowhere League, and bands from the Thrash metal scene. By 1992, Smith had been ousted as a managing director of the company and the label's catalogue was absorbed into Legacy Records. Distributed By PRT Records.

86 Girlschool & Gary Glitter I'M The Leader Of The Gang GWR GWR 1
86 Motorhead Deaf Forever GWR GWR 2
87 Jon Mikl Thor  Wild In The Streets GWR GWR 3
87 Wurzel Bess GWR GWR 4
87 Not Traced GWR GWR 5
87 Motorhead Eat The Rich GWR GWR 6
88 Batfish Boys Another One Bites The Dust GWR GWR 7
88 Fastway A Fine Line GWR GWR 8
88 Kurts Bye Bye Baby GWR GWR 9
88 Fastway Dead Or Alive GWR GWR 10
Listen To Your Heartbeat
88 Not Traced   GWR GWR 12
88 Not Traced GWR GWR 13
88 Girlschool Head Over Heels GWR GWR 14
88 Motorhead Ace Of Spades GWR GWR 15
89 Winter's Reign Go For Gold GWR GWR 16
89 Not Traced GWR GWR 17
90 Helix Wild In The Streets GWR GWR 18