Independent label: Hannibal was formed in 1980 by legendary producer Joe Boyd. Throughout its existence, the label has been known for its individuality, breadth of style and an astonishing array of wonderful music from many countries and cultures. Throughout its tenure, Hannibal has always sought and found that elusive, alchemical essence shared by diverse music of all kinds: timeless resonance and quality. Distributed By Stage One Records.

81 Act Too Late At Twenty HANNIBAL HNS 701
81 Defunkt Razors Edge HANNIBAL HNS 702
82 Thompson Richard Don'T Renege On Our HANNIBAL HNS 703
87 Dinner Ladies Muscle In The Bud HANNIBAL HNS 704
90 Loudon Wainwright III  Jesse Don't Like It  HANNIBAL HNS 705