Independent label: Hanseatic League, a region comprising much of maritime Germany, after which Hansa Records was named. Hansa Records (also known as Hansa, Hansa Musik Produktion or Hansa International) was a record label founded in the 1960s based in Berlin, Germany. Ariola Hansa was a collaboration between the Ariola and Hansa labels in the '70s, upon which they released Disco music. After a decline in sales both domestically and internationally in the mid 80s, Hansa was eventually purchased by BMG, who merged them with several other labels like Ariola Records to form BMG Berlin Musik GmbH/BMG-Ariola, later to become part of international conglomerate Sony BMG Music Entertainment.The Parent Label: Ariola Records Manufactured and distributed by PYE Records.


81 Palmer Florrie Hi Fi Love HANSA  HANSA 1
81 Chalice Nobody Can Touch My Soul HANSA  HANSA 2
81 American Revelation Feel It HANSA  HANSA 3
81 Japan Life In Tokyo HANSA  HANSA 4
81 Aneka Japanese Boy HANSA  HANSA 5
81 Japan Quiet Life HANSA HANSA 6
81 Paris Have You Ever Been In Love HANSA  HANSA 7
81 Aneka Little Lady HANSA  HANSA 8
81 Bristol Johnny Take Me Down HANSA  HANSA 9
82 Japan European Son HANSA HANSA 10
82 Bristol Johnny Hold On To Love HANSA  HANSA 11
82 Japan I Second That Emotion HANSA HANSA 12
82 Aneka Ohh Shooby Doo Do Land HANSA  HANSA 13
82 Rb'S Uruguay HANSA  HANSA 14
82 Not Traced HANSA  HANSA 15
82 Distinction That'S The Way I Like It HANSA  HANSA 16
82 Japan Life In Tokyo HANSA HANSA 17
83 Japan All Tomorrow'S Parties HANSA HANSA 18
82 Brat Chalk Dust HANSA  SMASH 1