Independent label:  Head Records was started by Jeff Barrett (Wishing Stones manager). The Servants was an indie band formed in 1985 in Hayes, Middlesex, by singer and songwriter David Westlake. The Wishing Stones from Leamington Spa. line-up was Bill Prince (vocals, guitar), John Niven (guitar), Andy Kerr (drums, cowbell) and Stewart Garden (bass). The Submarines were a band formed in Glasgow in 1986.Distributed By Revolver and Cartel.

86 Servants She'S Always Hiding HEAD HEAD 1
86 Wishing Stones Beat Girl HEAD HEAD 2
86 Servants The Sun, A Small Star (12") HEAD HEAD 3
87 Submarines Gray Skies Blue HEAD HEAD 4
87 Loop 16 Dreams (12") HEAD HEAD 5
87 Wishing Stones New Ways HEAD HEAD 6
87 Loop Spinning HEAD HEAD 7L