Independent label: Heater Volume Records Former Address: 54 Battersea Rise, London, SW11. Native Hipsters' grew out of another band, 'The Patterns', who themselves grew out of 'The Wildings' and 'The Blue Poppies'. While doing some bedroom recordings for a planned Patterns record, It was 'There Goes Concorde Again' one of the tracks recorded, and decided to release it and the Patterns material already recorded.
they pressed up 500 copies of each, settling on the Hipster name at the last minute after a brainstorming session. To reduce costs they hand stamped each record label and made the covers by cutting up huge hoarding posters of Kevin Keegan.For about a week they formed a production line to produce the finished records. they shipped them out to
Rough Trade and waited. About a month later John Peel played Concorde. Within days they had an order for another thousand copies. Then a further order for another 4 thousand. Distributed By Rough Trade.


80 Not Traced HEATER VOLUME HVR 001
80 Patterns The Bishop Is In The Fridge HEATER VOLUME HVR 002
80 Native Hipsters There Goes Concorde Again HEATER VOLUME HVR 003