Independent label: Hectic House was where the Macc Lads lived from 1985-93. It was their record company, management company, publishing company, and shop. Home to the infamous 'The Macc Lads' releasing adult humourous tongue in cheek Pub Rock / Punk Rock. Hectic House Records Former Address: 58 Sunderland Street Macclesfield SK11 6HN. The Macc Lads were a punk and hard rock band from Macclesfield, Cheshire, England, UK. Self-proclaimed "rudest, crudest, lewdest, drunkest band in Christendom", The Macc Lads used irreverent, zany and foul-mouthed lyrics, political incorrectness, drinking, sexism and homophobia. Distributed By Hectic House.

86 Macc Lads Eh Up! Macc Lads HECTIC HOUSE HHS 1