Independent label: Hellfire discs began with the release of the Perfect End single which was recorded in the infamous Hellfire Club situated in a basement on Caernarvon Street Glasgow. The single was engineered & produced by the Hellfire club owner Davie Henderson along with his partner at the time Jacqueline Bradley. Davie gave his permission for us to use the Hellfire name & so Hellfire Discs were born.In 1985 Hellfire Discs went into hibernation for around 15 years with the emergence of The Zimmers on the Glasgow scene the label financed a couple of releases by the band.  In addition a few releases from the discs back catalogue and unreleased stuff has given the label some impetus again. Distributed By.

82 Perfect End Sweet Dream HELLFIRE DISC HELL 1
83 Silent Command  Perfect Lies   HELLFIRE DISC HELL 2