Independent label: Hi-Lo Formed in 1981Founded by Anthony Meynell and closed in 1986. A short-lived independent label dedicated to publishing mod revival acts from Britain and North America. Squire Named because they rehearsed above a shop called Squires, this lot went to school with Paul Weller in Woking, Surrey and formed in Guildford not long after Jam, The as a covers band consisting of Enzo Esposito (vocals/bass), Steve Baker (guitar) and Ross Di'Landa (drums). Distributed By IDS Records.

82 Squire No Time Tomorrow HI-LO HI 001
82 Squire Girl On A Train HI-LO HI 002
83 Squire Every Trick In The Book Of Love HI-LO HI 003
83 Squire Jesamine HI-LO HI 004
84 Squire The Young Idea HI-LO HI 005
84 Beat Direction Long Distance Beat HI-LO HI 006