Independent label: Hollow Planet Records was Jowe Head's own record Label. Hollow Planet Records Former Address: 17 Perch Street, London, E8 2EG. Jowe Head (born Stephen Bird) is a British bass guitarist, singer, and visual artist, who was a member of Swell Maps before joining the Television Personalities. He has also released a large amount of material as a solo artist and as leader of groups such as Househunters and Palookas. The Palookas. The original was formed in early 80s London and released records between 85 and 91. They were Jowe Head (vocals), Paul Holt (guitar), James Robotham (bass), Trudie Holt (keyboards) and Ritchie Praline (drums). The Househunters Jowe Head Is Credited As Stefan Vogel.  Other Members On The Recordings:  Mercedes Mole (Singing), Lucy The Holey Ghost (Sax And Vocals), Trudi Holt (Synth And Piano), Lindsey (Bass), Stark Zoomer (Aka Jeffrey Bloom Drums And Whistling). Distributed By Red Rhino and Cartel.


87 Palookas Run Rabbit HOLLOW PLANET HOP 001
87 Spit Like Paint A Happy Song HOLLOW PLANET HOP 002
88 Househunters Warp Factor 13 HOLLOW PLANET HOP 003
88 Jowe Head  Sudden Shower HOLLOW PLANET HOP 004