Independent label: Hollywood Records owned by John Edward. Best known for releasing records by Renée and Renato. John Edward Real Name: John Edward Flux (born 1945), is a British musician, writer and record producer, also known as the creator of the children's television character Metal Mickey. he set up independent label Hollywood Records as a vehicle through which to write and produce his own songs via a series of unattached artistes. Being a rock and roll man, Edward hated the soft-kitsch style of production at that time in the early 1970s, specifically citing Brotherhood Of Man's "Save Your Kisses For Me" which won the Eurovision Song Contest 1976, he wrote with his wife Sue a song called "Save Your Love" to a kitsch-Italian orchestral themed backing. In 1975, he heard West Midlands-resident Italian waiter Renato Pagliari audition for ITV's talent show New Faces. Teaming Pagliari with British-born female singer Hilary Lester, Edward renamed them Renée and Renato to record the song. "Save Your Love" entered the UK Singles Chart in October 1982 at number 54. However, it began to pick up sales during the Christmas period, and seven weeks after its debut was at the top of the chart, resulting in it being played on Top of the Pops and many radio stations. Lester, whom by now Edward had placed in another Hollywood Records band, did not appear in the video, replaced by a more-Italianate looking model. "Save Your Love" was a UK Number one hit single, remaining at the top of the chart for four weeks before being knocked off by Phil Collins' "You Can't Hurry Love". It was the first song produced by an independent record label to ever reach the UK Number one position. The Edwards written contractually enforced follow-ups, "Just One More Kiss" stalled at Number 48, and "Jesus Loves Us All" did not chart, breaking the duo up. Edward created the 1960s inspired robot Metal Mickey. Voiced by Edwards with a catchphrase of "boogie, boogie, boogie", his favourite treat was Atomic Thunderbusters, which had the appearance of lemon bonbons. First shown on the Southern Television produced The Saturday Banana in 1978, friend and former The Monkees drummer Micky Dolenz picked up the rights to produce and then direct the first episodes of The Metal Mickey TV Show. Set in a family-home environment with the grandmother played by Irene Handl, the show had a peak ITV Saturday teatime viewing figure of 12 million people, and ran for three series from 1980 to 1983. Hollywood Records Former Address: 38-40 Upper Clapton Road
London E5 8BQ. Distributed By Pinnacle Records.


82 Voxpop Sleeping In A Stranger'S Bed HOLLYWOOD HWD 001
82 Tony & Maria Roses Are Red HOLLYWOOD HWD 002
82 Renee & Renato Save Your Love HOLLYWOOD HWD 003
83 Metal Micky  Theme Tune From The T.V. Show Metal Mickey HOLLYWOOD HWD 004
83 Jookes I Just Wanna Stay Here HOLLYWOOD HWD 005
83 Renee & Renato Just One More Kiss HOLLYWOOD HWD 006
83 Colt And Colby Save Your Love HOLLYWOOD HWD 007
83 Metal Mickey I Want To Hold Your Hand HOLLYWOOD HWD 008
83 Renee & Renato Little Bitta Me HOLLYWOOD HWD 009
84 Laine John Temptation HOLLYWOOD HWD 010
84 Renee & Renato Only You HOLLYWOOD HWD 011
84 Renee & Renato Jesus Loves Us All HOLLYWOOD HWD 012
84 Not Issued HOLLYWOOD HWD 013
84 Hewke Elmer Tell Me HOLLYWOOD HWD 014
85 Head To Head Shanty Shanty HOLLYWOOD HWD 015
85 Boulaye Patti & Georgie Fame Swinging On A Star HOLLYWOOD HWD 016
86 Dream Team Boy George HOLLYWOOD HWD 017
86 Renato Funiculi Funiculi  HOLLYWOOD HWD 018