Independent label: B Troop Formed in late 1979 by Kevin Donoghue who quickly recruited John Leek and Peter Wainwright. The band was a direct influence from a meeting between kevin donoghue and Phil Oakley and Martyn Ware of the Human league in Sheffield at the Christmas break in 1978. Kevin had been playing bass with the Sheffield punk band, who supported the human league at the Sheffield’s Limit club. Junior was recorded in Fairview studios, Hull in Spring 1980 and release on the bands own label in May 1980. The money raised from this release allowed the band to record track for the album “Europeans” which was also to be self released. Illuminated records a London based indie contact Btroop after their John Peel airplay and paid for the recording of computer logic the band 2nd single. The band completed the album Europeans in June 1981 again at Fairview and entered in to an agreement with illuminated for them to be able to release in September that year. Illuminated went bust in October 1981. The album did appear in early 1982 and has come back into the bands control. However the tour and press following the band initial success fell away due to the album being unavailable. Distributed By Illuminated records.

80 B.Troop Junior  HOTSHOT HOT 1
81 B.Troop Computer Logic HOTSHOT HOT 2