Independent Irish label: Dublin based label founded by ex Horslips/Zen Alligators drummer Eamon Carr in 1983. Folded in 1990, as Carr concentrated on journalism, broadcasting and management. Distributed By WEA Records.

83 Zen Alligators  I Never Forget A Face(Live) HOTWIRE HWS 831
83 Feathered Wing  She'S Mine HOTWIRE HWS 832
83 Feathered Wing  Man Off The Track HOTWIRE HWS 833

84 Saints & Scholars  A 100,000 Welcomes For Boy George HOTWIRE BOY 1
85 Host The Hellhound Was My Name HOTWIRE HOST 10
85 Golden Horde Dig That Crazy Grave HOTWIRE WAYOUT 1
85 Private Number Don'T Take It Away HOTWIRE HWS 851
85 Screaming Tribesmen Date With A Vampire Ep  HOTWIRE HWS 852
85 Stars Of Heaven Clothes Of Pride HOTWIRE HWS 853
85 Light A Big Fire  The Cia HOTWIRE HWS 854
85 Golden Horde Young And Happy HOTWIRE HWS 855
85 Light A Big Fire  I See People HOTWIRE HWS 856
85 Light A Big Fire  You Can Love A Woman  HOTWIRE HWS 857
85 Absolute Zero  You Will Fall  HOTWIRE HWS 858
85 Light A Big Fire  Greenboys HOTWIRE HWS 859
86 Light A Big Fire  Charlene HOTWIRE HWS 860
86 Light A Big Fire  Mr.Twilight HOTWIRE HWS 861
86 Last Bandits Christmas Morning HOTWIRE HWS 862
88 Partisans  Open Your Eyes HOTWIRE HWS 863