Independent label: Human Records label from the early '80s releasing Indie and New Wave. Mo-Dettes was a Female punk band formed in the UK in 1979, originally called The Bomberettes. Ramona Carlier (singer), Kate Korus (guitar), June Miles-Kingston (drums), Jane Crockford (bass). The Frankies were actress Caroline Quentin, and Kevin Westlake. The Slits was a feminist punk outfit formed in 1976 with a line-up featuring Ari-Up (b. Arianna Foster; vocals), Kate Korus (b. Katherine Corris, New York, USA; guitar), Palmolive (b. Paloma Romero; drums, ex-Raincoats) and Suzi "Gutsy" Webb (bass). Distributed By Stage One.

80 Dangerous Girls Man In The Glass HUMAN HUM 1
81 Frankies Yo-Yo HUMAN HUM 2
81 Hermine Tortur HUMAN HUM 3
81 Slits Animal Space HUMAN HUM 4
81 Zeitgeist Shake - Rake HUMAN HUM 5
81 Dangerous Girls Step Out HUMAN HUM 6
81 Zeitgeist Touch HUMAN HUM 7
81 Au Pairs Inconvenience HUMAN HUM 8
81 Maelov Eddie & Sunshine Patteson Lines HUMAN HUM 9
81 Mo-Dettes White Mice HUMAN HUM 10
81 Hermine Tv Lovers HUMAN HUM 11
81 Hausen Ana Professionals HUMAN HUM 12
81 Maelov Eddie &Sunshine Patteson Another Teardrop HUMAN HUM 13