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 Independent label: I.R.S. (International Record Syndicate) was formed in 1979 by Miles Copeland as an American version of a group of punk & new wave labels that he operated in the UK under the umbrella name Faulty Products (a name that he later used for an I.R.S. sub-label in the US).
Initially distributed by A&M Records, I.R.S. moved distribution to MCA Records in 1985, and to Enigma Records in 1990. Some I.R.S. releases were issued for the UK and continental Europe through Copeland's label Illegal Records. Copeland also established local I.R.S. offices in conjunction with his Illegal divisions in those countries. I.R.S. was closed down in 1996, and in 1997 Copeland formed a new label, Ark 21 Records.
Distributed By A&M Records [1979-85]  MCA Records [1985-90]  EMI Records [1990-96].


81 Payolas China Boys IRS  PFS 1001
81 Oingo Boingo Only A Lad IRS  PFS 1002
81 Champs Goo Goo Muck IRS  PFS 1003
81 Fleshtones Girl From Baltimore IRS  PFS 1004
81 Not Traced IRS  PFS 1005
81 Alternative Tv The Ancient Rebels IRS  PFS 1006
81 Go-Go'S Our Lips Are Sealed IRS  PFS 1007
81 Champs The Crusher IRS  PFS 1008
81 Alternative Tv Communicate IRS  PFS 1009
81 Go-Go'S We Got The Beat IRS  PFS 1010
81 Not Traced IRS  PFS 1011
82 Fleshtones Shadow Line IRS  PFS 1012
82 Not Traced IRS  PFS 1013
83 Alarm  The Stand IRS  PFS 1014
83 Lords Of New Church Live For Today IRS  PFS 1015
83 Renaissance Richard Ix IRS  PFS 1016
83 R.E.M. Radio Free Europe IRS  PFS 1017
83 Fleshtones Right Side Of A Good Thing IRS  PFS 1018
83 Animals Night IRS  PFS 1019
83 Holland Jools Crazy Over You IRS  PFS 1020
83 Not Traced IRS  PFS 1021
83 Lords Of New Church Dance With Me IRS  PFS 1022
83 Alarm 68 Guns IRS  PFS 1023
83 Fleshtones Screaming Skull IRS  PFS 1024
83 Not Traced IRS  PFS 1025
83 R.E.M. Talk About The Passion IRS  PFS 1026
83 Torch Song Prepare To Energise IRS  PFS 1027
83 Oliver Valerie Get The Money IRS  PFS 1028
83 Crown Of Thorns Pictures IRS  PFS 1029
83 Animals Love For All Times IRS  PFS 1030


84 Alarm Where Were You Hiding IRS  IRS 101
84 Mazda Richard Last Week This Week IRS  IRS 102
84 Alarm The Deceiver IRS  IRS 103
84 Go-Go'S Head Over Hhel IRS  IRS 104
84 R.E.M. Central Rain IRS  IRS 105
84 Raise The Dragon Blue Murder IRS  IRS 106
84 R.E.M. Rockville IRS  IRS 107
84 Holland Jools Black Beauty IRS  IRS 108
84 Crown Of Thorns Diamond Jim IRS  IRS 109
84 Torch Song Don'T Look Now IRS  IRS 110
84 Disconnection We Love You IRS  IRS 111
84 Not Traced IRS  IRS 112
84 Lords Of New Church M Style IRS  IRS 113
84 Alarm Chant Has Just Begun IRS  IRS 114
84 Truth Exception Of Love IRS  IRS 115
84 Wall Of Voodoo Big City IRS  IRS 116
85 Torch Song Ode To Billy Joe IRS  IRS 117


84 Yip Yip Coyote Dream Of The West IRS  YIP 1
84 Yip Yip Coyote Pioneer Girl IRS  YIP 2

85 Alarm Absolute Reality IRS  ALARM 1
90 Alarm Unsafe Building 1990 IRS  ALARM 2
91 Alarm Raw IRS  ALARM 3



87 Orbit  Love My Way  IRS WORB 1
87 Orbit  Feel Like Jumping IRS WORB 2



82 Go-Gos Automatic IRS  GON 101
82 Go-Gos Our Lips Are Sealed IRS  GON 102
82 Go-Gos Vacation IRS  GON 103
82 Go-Gos Girl Of 100 Lists IRS  GON 104