Independent label: Zomba is the largest independent music operation in the world. Jive Records is the flagship label of the Zomba Label Group, which also encompasses the record labels Jive Electro, Silvertone, Verity, Volcano and Reunion, among others. Zomba is home to some of the biggest contemporary pop, R&B, gospel, hip-hop and rock artists in the world.  Jive Records was founded in 1977 by Clive Calder in London after acquiring British citizenship. Its original parent company, Zomba, was named after the capitol of Malawi. Jive Records was formed in 1981. Jive operated as an independently managed label until 2002 when Bertelsmann Music Group acquired the remainder of Zomba for US $2.74 billion, which was at the time the largest-ever acquisition of an independent label. Former Address: Zomba House 165-167 High Road London NW10 2SG
Distributed 1981-1986: Arista 1986-1991: RCA 1991-2004: BMG 2004-2008: Sony BMG 2008-2011: Sony.



88 Billy Ocean  Get Outer My Dreams Get Into My Car JIVE BOS 1
88 Billy Ocean  Calypso Crazy JIVE BOS 2
88 Billy Ocean  The Colour Of Love JIVE BOS 3
88 Billy Ocean  Stand And Deliver JIVE BOS 4
89 Billy Ocean  Licence To Chill JIVE BOS 5
93 Billy Ocean  Pressure  JIVE BOS 6

90 Kershaw Liz & Bruno Brookes Let'S Dance JIVE BRUNO 1
91 Bruno And Liz And Sam And Frank Come Outside JIVE BRUNO 2

88 Culture Clash Dance Love Fever JIVE CCDP 1
89 Culture Clash Dance Ghetto Lover JIVE CCDP 2
90 Big Fun & Sonia You'Ve Got A Friend JIVE CHILD 90

86 Roussos Demis Summer In Her Eyes JIVE DEM 1
86 Fox Samantha Touch Me JIVE FOXY 1
86 Fox Samantha Do Ya Do Ya JIVE FOXY 2
86 Fox Samantha Hold On Tight JIVE FOXY 3
86 Fox Samantha I'M All You Need JIVE FOXY 4
87 Fox Samantha Nothing'S Gonna Stop Me Now JIVE FOXY 5
87 Fox Samantha I Surrender JIVE FOXY 6
87 Fox Samantha I Promise You JIVE FOXY 7
87 Fox Samantha True Devotion JIVE FOXY 8
88 Fox Samantha & Full Force Naughty Girls JIVE FOXY 9
88 Fox Samantha Love House JIVE FOXY 10
89 Fox Samantha I Only Wanna Be With You JIVE FOXY 11
89 Fox Samantha I Wanna Have Some Fun JIVE FOXY 12
86 Time Code Louie Louie JIVE LOU 1

86 Lulu Shout JIVE LULU 1
86 Lulu My Boy Lollipop JIVE LULU 2
88 Mama'S Boy Higher Ground JIVE MBOY 1

87 Mammoth Fatman JIVE MOTH 1
88 Mammoth All The Days JIVE MOTH 2
89 Mammoth Can'T Take The Hurt JIVE MOTH 3
87 Ruby Turner  I'D Rather Go Blind JIVE RTS 1
87 Ruby Turner  I'M In Love JIVE RTS 2
87 Ruby Turner  In My Life JIVE RTS 3
88 Ruby Turner  Signed Sealed JIVE RTS 4
88 Ruby Turner  What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted JIVE RTS 5
89 Ruby Turner  Baby I Need Your Loving JIVE RTS 6
89 Ruby Turner  I'T Gonna Be Alright JIVE RTS 7
90 Ruby Turner  Paradise JIVE RTS 8

88 Sarah Jane Morris Can'T Get To Sleep JIVE SJM 1
88 Sarah Jane Morris Rains Have Failed JIVE SJM 2
89 Sarah Jane Morris Me & Mrs Jones JIVE SJM 3

85 Weekend Christmas Party (Ep) JIVE XY 1

90 Red Eric Fifty Way To Leave Your Lover JIVE ZED 1