Independent label: Malaco Records is an independent record label based in Jackson, Mississippi. Malaco is and has been the home of various major soul, blues and gospel acts, such as Johnnie Taylor, Bobby Bland, ZZ Hill, Denise LaSalle, Benny Latimore, Dorothy Moore, Little Milton, Shirley Brown, A tornado on April 15, 2011, destroyed much of the company's main building and studio.Distributed By Pinnacle Records.

82 Power Groovin' MALACO  MAL 001
82 Hill Z Z Cheating In The Next Room MALACO  MAL 002
83 Moore Dorothy Laugh It Off MALACO MAL 003
82 Augins Charlie Baby I Need Your Loving MALACO MAL 004
83 Kinney Fern Beautiful Love Song MALACO  MAL 005
83 Cameron G C Hearts And Flowers MALACO  MAL 006
83 Hahn Carol Do The Best MALACO  MAL 007
83 Little Milton Annie Mae'S Cafe MALACO  MAL 008
83 Lasalle Denise Come To Bed MALACO  MAL 009
83 Tavares Victor Show Me MALACO  MAL 010
83 Rose Brothers Everything'S Coming Up MALACO  MAL 011
83 Power Play It Again Same MALACO  MAL 012
83 Smith Toni Ohh I Like The Way It Is MALACO  MAL 013
83 Packman O'M A Packman MALACO  MAL 014
84 Disco Dog I'M Gonna Break Your Heart MALACO  MAL 015
84 Hall Pam Late At Night MALACO  MAL 016
84 Not Traced MALACO  MAL 017
84 Trans Lux Big Apple Noise MALACO  MAL 018
84 Not Traced MALACO  MAL 019
84 Not Traced MALACO  MAL 020
84 Not Traced MALACO  MAL 021
84 Lasalle Denise Right Place MALACO  MAL 022
84 Not Traced MALACO  MAL 023
84 Baiser Summer Breeze MALACO  MAL 024
84 Not Traced MALACO  MAL 025
84 Not Traced MALACO  MAL 026
84 Not Traced MALACO  MAL 027
84 Booker Newberry Iii Shadows MALACO  MAL 028
84 Not Traced MALACO  MAL 029
86 Lasalle Denise Let The Four Winds Blow MALACO  MAL 030