Independent label: Molesworth Records had an unusual genesis - the East Anglian Examinations Board's CSE English language coursework requirements! Already numerous students at Sawtry Village College (since renamed Sawtry Community College) in Cambridgeshire had been involved in the school's New Leaf Records. If a class of fourth-formers (14-15 years old) took on the role of a record company, they could fulfil all the syllabus's language tasks (such as group debate, advertising, letter writing, form filling...) in a creative manner. The class chose the name Molesworth after nigel molesworth, and RAF Molesworth in the college's catchment area. In 1984 RAF Molesworth was regularly hitting the headlines over its use as a cruise nuclear missile base. Simon Laxton designed the label's logo, based on the Willans and Searle original with a hint of Giles. The Blue Mist, contemporaries in a different class, had already released a single on New Leaf. The class picked them as their act, and devised and signed a contract with them. They chose the best recording and manufacturing deal they could find in the music press, raised sponsorship, booked the studio, designed advertising and promotion, completed the various MCPS, PRS and PPL forms, secured distribution and mailed out the singles with their own promo packs. The exercise was a success. Most importantly, the students produced some impressive coursework and several were upgraded to a higher qualification. The project was written up as a booklet called "Pop Into Class" for use by other centres. It was also adapted as a Music Industry Simulation for Media Studies. Whereas New Leaf remained the College groups' label, Molesworth subsequently became a record company for Cambridgeshire indie bands. HUNTS 06 was an SRT custom pressing SRT cat number SRT90S2579. Distributed By New Leaf Records.


85 Blue Mist  Elijah    MOLESWORTH HUNTS 1
86 Pleasureheads Don'T Fake It MOLESWORTH HUNTS 2
87 Nutmeg And In England They'Re Going Mental (12") MOLESWORTH HUNTS 3
88 Flowershop Ten Foot Tall MOLESWORTH HUNTS 4
88 Charlottes Are You Happy Now MOLESWORTH HUNTS 05
89 Nightjars Acid In Your Face MOLESWORTH HUNTS 06