Independent label: More Protein Founded in October 1988, More Protein began as a collaboration between Boy George and Jeremy Healy when they couldn't find a label willing to release Healy's "Everything Starts With An E". Initially the label was bankrolled and distributed by Virgin, but became fully independent in 1994. More Protein Music Former Address: 9A Boundary St. London E2 7JE. E-Zee Possee was a British dance, acid house and techno group, active between 1989 and 1991, made up of vocalists and musicians, and led by MC Kinky. She was a rapper and friend of Boy George, and E-Zee Possee were promoted by George's label, More Protein. Born Caron Geary, MC Kinky had previously collaborated with Boy George, in particular the toasting section of the original version of "Kipsy", which was included in George's second solo album, Tense Nervous Headache (1988). Jesus Loves You were a British band, founded by the singer Boy George. The band's music is a mixture of electronic dance music, Indian classical music and western pop music. Their lyrics are about love, spirituality and the equality of all human beings.Distributed By Virgin Records.

89 E-Zee Posse Everything Starts With An'E MORE PROTEIN  PROT 1
89 Jesus Loves You After The Love MORE PROTEIN  PROT 2
90 Doctor Mouthquake Love On Love MORE PROTEIN  PROT 3
90 E-Zee Posse The Sun Machine MORE PROTEIN  PROT 4
90 Jesus Loves You Generations Of Love MORE PROTEIN  PROT 5
90 Gallagher Eve Love Come Down MORE PROTEIN  PROT 6
90 Jesus Loves You One On One MORE PROTEIN  PROT 7
91 Jesus Loves You Bow Down Mister MORE PROTEIN  PROT 8
91 Mc Kinky Get Over It   MORE PROTEIN  PROT 9
91 Jesus Loves You Generations Of Love   MORE PROTEIN  PROT 10
91 Amos Come Away MORE PROTEIN  PROT 11
91 E-Zee Possee Breathing Is E-Zee  MORE PROTEIN  PROT 12
91 Jesus Loves You After The Love   MORE PROTEIN  PROT 13
91 E-Zee Possee Love On Love MORE PROTEIN  PROT 14
91 Jesus Loves You Generations Of Love  MORE PROTEIN  PROT 15
91 Mc Kinky Inna We Kingdom   MORE PROTEIN  PROT 16