Independent label: Naffi International was a sub-label of Siren Records. Naafi Sandwich from Earlstown, Merseyside formed by Jerry Kenny (a.k.a. Sir Freddie Viaduct, vocals, bass, guitar, trumpet) and Brenda Kenny (a.k.a. Poly Rhythm, vocals, percussion, drums, keyboards). In 1981 Jerry and Brenda Kenny changed the name of their band from Naafi Sandwich to simply Naffi. In a couple of year they’ll change again to Naffi-Locksman and finally to Brenda and the Beach Balls. Distributed By Virgin.

87 Brenda And The Beach Balls  Yummy-Ya NAFFI INTERNATIONAL SRN 57
87 Brenda And The Beach Balls  Catch A Falling Star NAFFI INTERNATIONAL SRN 65