Independent label: Newtown Products was a Scottish independent label from 114 Bilsland Road, Glenrothes, Fife, Scotland KY6 2ED. Active since the late 70s. NP 2 was an SRT custom Pressing cat number S/81/CUS 1220. Beat Necessity joined forces with 3 other bands from Glenrothes in 1979 to release a DIY EP on Newtown Products. NTP 1 featured : Crimedesk (Arms Race), Basic Unit (Ladder), Beat Necessity (Just Fine) and Story So Far (Radiated). Distributed By Newtown Products .

82 Beat Necessity Beat Necessity (Ep) NEW TOWN NIP 1
82 Beat Necessity Pleasure NEW TOWN NIP 2
83 Beat Necessity These Nights NEW TOWN NIP 3