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 Independent label: Lowlife were formed in late 1985 by Stuart Everest (guitar), Will Heggie (bass), Craig Lorenston (vocals) & Grant McDowall (drums), all of whom had built up a local following under the name Dead Neighbours. Taking their name from a PIL song, they signed to Brian Guthrie's "Nightshift" label, then released their debut mini-album, "Rain", that year. This was soon followed by the first album proper, "Permanent Sleep" the following year. Lowlife were predominately a studio band, taking two to three months recording each album. Touring was very rare, however the few times they did it was with bands like Johnny Thunders and the Go-Betweens and it was only to promote a release. In 1990 Everest & McDowall were replaced by Hugh Dougie (guitar) & Calum MacLean (programming / guitar / bass), and the band released their fifth album, "San Antorium". By 1994 MacLean had gone, and they were joined byJennifer Bachen (backing vocals) & Jason Taylor (vocals / guitar, also with Bay), who helped them put together their last album, "Gush". Nowadays Heggie & McDowell are busy with large families and day jobs. Heggie works as a Process Operative & McDowell is a detective with the Scotland Police. Lorenston is a scaffolder, and Everest is around the Falkirk area working in the audio/visual field. Nightshift Records Former Address: 21A Alva Street Edinburgh Scotland EH2 4PS.Distributed By Fast Foward and Cartel.

86 Lowlife Rain (12") NIGHTSHIFT  LOLIF 1
86 Lowlife Permanent Sleep (12") NIGHTSHIFT  LOLIF 2
86 Lowlife Vain Delights (12") NIGHTSHIFT  LOLIF 3
87 Lowlife Diminuendo (12") NIGHTSHIFT  LOLIF 4
87 Lowlife Eternity Road NIGHTSHIFT  LOLIF 57
87 Lowlife Swirl, It Swings (12") NIGHTSHIFT  LOLIF 6