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 Independent label: Badger (from Deeside) was quite an obscure act of the glorious N.W.O.B.H.M. era. They released two 7" singles, “Rock the Vicar” (as the Badger Bell Band) in 1985 and the more popular “Over the Wall” (as Badger) a year later.  “Rock the Vicar”  the debut single was on Noizegate Records. It was named after the first band Roy Baird was playing with. “Noizegate was there own label and this happened because they did not know how to attract a record company. they did not have a bank account but  earned a lot of money at gigs and kept it in a biscuit tin and paid for there records in cash. A part of the band’s gigging success was partially Noizegate but the name Badger was getting all the recognition. So it was decided to use Noizegate as the name for our record label. Of the two singles, they pressed 1,000 copies each Although the Badger Bell Band did release two 7" singles, in contrast to Noizegate they always played a lot of covers: “Noizegate played more originals and Badger as a solo singer was nearly all covers. The band Badger split up around 1990.  Lead vocals / and lead guitar – Roy Baird Backing vocals / Bass Guitar – Wayne Harrison Dave Hoyle / 2nd lead guitar Drums – Gary Jones Distributed By.

85 The Badger Bell Band Rock The Vicar NOIZE GATE SETT 1

86 The Badger Bell Band Over The Wall NOIZE GATE NG 2