Independent label: Nostrings Records Former Address: 571 Sauchiehall Street Glasgow G3. NoStrings was formed In 1983 by Nick Low and Graham Cochrane, under the name Louden Furious Music promoted a concert by New Order in their hometown of Glasgow, Scotland. On the proceeds of this NoStrings Records was formed to release singles by the band's they had been promoting locally in Glasgow, Scotland, namely del Amitri, Popgun, and Lloyd Cole and The Commotions. The NoStrings' slogan was "Beating Pop Hands Down" Del Amitri was a Scottish indie rock Formed by bassist/singer Justin Currie at his Glasgow school in January 1981, it was only drummer Paul Tyagi and Justin that continued with the band recruiting guitar playing architect students Iain Harvie and Bryan Tolland. The Suede Crocodiles were a Glasgow band playing beat music for the 1980's. Kevin McDermott and Roddy Johnson (both guitar and vocals) along with bassist Ross Drummond and drummer David McCormick played gigs and stickered every spare inch of Glasgow. Justin Currie of del Amitri brought them to the attention of Nick Low and the offer to be the second band on NoStrings followed. Unhappy with the name Popgun being used for the record resulted in a search for a new name. The Incredible Blondes The third NoStrings signing was another band formed at school. Frontman Barry McLeod and drummer Robert Campbell started The Lemons, who evolved into Protection before settling on The Incredible Blondes in 1984. Distributed By Rough Trade.

83 Del Amitri Sense Sickness NOSTRINGS NOSP 1
83 Suede Crocodiles Stop The Rain NOSTRINGS NOSP 2
85 Incredible Blondes Where Do I Stand NOSTRINGS NOSP 3