Independent label: NoTown Label was formed by Journalist Roger Holland. Holland had picked up on the rumbles from the mid 1980's Oxford music scene and signed up Shake Appeal and The Anyways to his NoTown LabelShake Appeal is the name of a rock group from Oxford, England from 1984-1989. The last line-up of the band evolved into Swervedriver. The original line-up was Graham Franklin (vocals), Jimmy Hartridge (guitar) (both previously in The Roadrunners), Adam Franklin (guitar) and Paddy Pulzer (drums) (both previously in Splatter Babies). Original bass player Paul Wilson left, and was replaced by Richard Mason, who was in turn replaced by Adi Vines. Distributed By.

87 Anyways Confession NOTOWN NO ONE

88 Anake Appeal Gimme Fever NOTOWN NO 2